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ISC-Audubon Celebrity Golf Tournament a Huge Success!

Ron and Eric DodsonThe first ISC-Audubon EcoGolf Celebrity Golf Tournament was held on April 6, 2013 at the Westin Diplomat Golf Resort in Hollywood, Florida.

The EcoGolf Tournament was the first ISC-Audubon produced EcoGolf Tournament and is one part of the not-for-profit organizations efforts aimed at making people aware of sustainability and to encourage people to get outdoors and enjoy nature.

ISC-Audubon EcoGolf Manager, Lucia Anreus-Hall said, “We are very pleased that so many people, including a number of celebrities joined us for the golf event. The main purpose of the EcoGolf Tournament was to have fun, and to raise money for a local charity, The Make-A-Wish Foundation of South Florida.” Anreus-Hall concluded.

Everyone played in the EcoGolf Tournament, but in addition to the golf, a special dinner and auction was held on Friday evening, April 5. This special evening included entertainment being provided by, among others, Ski Johnson who is a Five Time Grammy Recipient saxophonist, Cristian Daniel Born a Salsa singer and dancer, and even Yusnier Viera a Guinness World Record holder known also as the human calculator.

The 3 day event was capped off by the EcoKids Golf Clinic and Nature Education Program on Sunday morning from 9 till noon. Kids from the greater Miami-Dade region participated in the event, which included golf instruction being given by five women professional golfers who all have appeared on the Golf Channel’s Big Break television series.

Aubrey McCormick who appeared in Big Break Atlantis said, "It was incredible to see the surplus of knowledge the children at the EcoKids Golf and Nature Clinic had about the environment and the local butterfly. It is crucial that the generations to come be aware of how golf can play a role in enhancing and preserving nature. It was inspiring to see youth take interest and show passion about planting a symbolic tree and learning more about sustainability. I believe this is the future of golf, to educate and empower going green on and off the golf course". 

The Sunday morning activities was capped off with ISC-Audubon Chairman, Ron Dodson giving a brief presentation to the group of kids about the importance of butterflies and wildlife habitat including the Florida State Butterfly, the Zebra Longwing. ISC-Audubon provided live butterflies for the kids to see, and to eventually release in a habitat area on the Westin Diplomat property.

In a symbolic gesture noting the intention of ISC-Audubon to offset all of the carbon emitted as a result of the EcoGolf Tournament, Eric Dodson, CEO of ISC-Audubon and with the assistance of the kids who participated in the EcoKids Golf and Nature Clinic planted a tree on the Westin property. Dodson said, “We are only planting one tree on the property today as a symbol that represents our efforts to plant many plants in the nearby Oleta River State Park that will not only offset all the carbon emissions created by the EcoGolf Tournament, but create wildlife habitat for a large variety of species of wildlife as well. ISC-Audubon is not only concerned about climate change, but about the loss of biological diversity too,” Dodson said.

ISC-Audubon is planning now for future events that will include additional EcoGolf Tournaments as well as additional events and activities that are all aimed at getting people to connect with nature. Eric Dodson said, “Everything that ISC-Audubon does falls under the banner of Spreading the seeds of Sustainability, and whether it is though a golf tournament, an evening program, a trip to some nature area, or membership in one of our programs, we are simply focused on planting the seeds of sustainability in the minds of as many people as we can reach and working hard to motivate each person to action, where they live, work and play.”


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Sustainable Business Tips

  • Save energy! Turn off the lights when it is sunny and use natural daylight. Use motion sensors, and leave emergency lights on at night. 
  • Save money! Turn off your equipment when not in use. Use power strips to connect equipment and turn the power strips off for any equipment that does not need to run overnight. Thus, you will save money by not paying for phantom loads. When electronics and appliances are plugged in, but are not in use, they still burn energy. 
  • Save time and supplies! Maintain your equipment. Use compact fluorescent light bulbs or LED lights that will last for years. Stop printing and faxing and use e-documents. Work with all third party clients to eliminate mail and pay bills online. This will save you time, money, and materials. You all win!
  • Build new opportunities! How can you reuse any material until it reaches its end of life or usefulness? How can you create new products and services from other people’s or your own waste? Can you make something new out of what you once perceived as junk or garbage? Can I buy products that are organic, recycled, remanufactured, or used?
  • Save Your Sanity! Educate and engage your employees and customers. Get them actively involved as you cannot do it alone. Build your network to gain new ideas and share success stories. 
  • Be Proud! Eliminate waste by recycling and offer products your customers can recycle. You can also compost to reduce landfill waste, reduce usage of raw materials, buy local, buy smart, and buy back. Toot your horn if you want. You now have a major competitive advantage. 
  • Buy smart! Buy reused, recycled, remanufactured, or energy efficient appliances.



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