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The Statesville Avenue Corridor Plan

The Charlotte Mecklenburg Housing Partnership (CMHP) is a Platinum Member of the Audubon Lifestyles/ISC program.  As a not-for-profit organization, CMHP is one of the leading development companies in the United States that focuses on affordable housing development.  Through our partnership with the CMHP we are pleased to be helping bring some of the first certified sustainable neighborhood development projects to fruition.  The majority of our efforts so far has focused on what is called the Statesville Avenue Corridor Plan.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Housing Partnership, Inc. is a broad-based, private, non-profit housing development and finance corporation organized to expand affordable and well-maintained housing within stable neighborhoods for low and moderate income families in Charlotte and Mecklenburg County with a continuing interest in the ability of occupants to more fully enter the economic mainstream.

Since 1990 CMHP has been revitalizing an area roughly 10 square miles just north of downtown Charlotte and bounded by I-77, I-85, Graham Street and Brookshire Freeway. This area is referred to as the Greater Statesville Avenue Corridor comprised of the following neighborhoods: Greenville, Genesis Park, and Fairview Homes/Double Oaks. Initially focusing on the development and financing of affordable for sale housing, CMHP has evolved into a leader in neighborhood revitalization, a housing developer and a “one-stop shop” for homeownership education and services.

When CMHP started working in the area, the City passed a series of bonds to improve infrastructure in the area, much of which has been completed. CMHP has spent almost $43 million on affordable housing in the Greater Statesville Avenue Corridor, much in the form of tax credit investments and governmental funding. The impact that CMHP has had on the community can be seen in the following ways: 

  • A safe, secure place to live
  • Increasing property and resale values
  • Communities with more involved citizens
  • Continued investment in the form of lending, services, people moving to the area
  • Recognition by Charlotte citizens that inner city neighborhoods can be revitalized and become desirable places to live. This is demonstrated through the commitment of public and private groups to commit financial and technical resources for an extended period of time.


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Flowers Make It Rain

Flowers Make it RainThe Amazon rainforest—with its millions of creaking, chirping and buzzing insects, sticky frogs, vibrant birds, and unique fish—may owe its diversity primarily to flowers, said researchers from the University of Chicago. And, they say, just as flowering plants formed the building block of biodiversity in this region, their removal could result in a cascade of declining diversity.

According to authors Kevin Boyce and Jung-Eun Lee of a study published online in Proceedings of the Royal Society: Biological Sciences, if flowering plants in tropical South America were replaced with non-flowering vegetation, the rainy conditions of the forest would be reduced by 20 percent.

To review the research report click here:



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