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Sustainable Sites Program


Joining the Audubon Lifestyles Sustainable Sites Program also earns the right to be listed as a Platinum Membership on the Audubon Network.  The Audubon Network is a web based directory of local, national or international Audubon societies, Audubon CertifiedAudubon Lifestyles Program Members, organizations, sanctuaries, centers, and businesses committed to conducting themselves sustainably.  In addition, Platinum Membership grants the development the right to use the Audubon Lifestyles Platinum Member logo, to distribute press releases, and collaborate with the Audubon Lifestyles team to write articles for distribution in the SustainAbility Newsletter, and other media outlets. By joining the Audubon Lifestyles Sustainable Sites Program your project lays the foundation upon which to earn the ISC Seal of Sustainability, and become a Certified Audubon Lifestyles Sustainable Development.


Membership and Sustainability Charter
The first step in the Audubon Lifestyles Sustainable Sites Program is to become a registered Audubon Lifestyles / ISC Platinum member.

Site Analysis & Classification
Based on submittals from the site ownership, Audubon Lifestyles will prepare a broad view sustainability analysis of the site and surrounding areas. This site analysis is used to establish Site Classification specific to the site and is utilized to establish the minimum guidelines for achieving the Audubon Lifestyles Sustainable Site designation.

The Sustainable Site Classification is based upon ecological criteria proposed by the Society of Conservation Biology, O’Connell and Noss (1992, Env Mgmt 16:435), modified by the Audubon International Golf and Environment Land Trust, and more recently by the International Sustainability Council. Site Classification is the metric by which specific design concepts and approaches should be incorporated into the master site plan, and is an internationally recognized method upon which to gauge how development should ultimately take place on the site.   Sustainable Site Classification encourages optimal design by balancing social, economical and environmental needs, resulting in a higher level of sustainability.

Sustainable Design Approvals
A Sustainable Site, sets the stage for sustainable development which allows for economic well-being, environmental protection, and overall quality of life for people today without compromising the ability of future generations to meet there own needs. Everyone benefits from an environmentally sensitive approach to growth and development.  Based upon the Site Classification and submittals by the site owner, Audubon Lifestyles will review t
he Management & Design Plan materials.

The goals associated with sustainable design are to incorporate specific strategies into the design of individual parcels within the site, and to establish site-wide standards for how development should take place. Individual parcels may incorporate different aspects of sustainable design based upon the specifics of a given parcel within the site.  A determination about which strategies are prudent and feasible given the unique site characteristics of each parcel should be made, and to a great degree based on the Sustainable Site Classification.


After a thorough review of the master plan to ensure that the plans meets the goals associated with sustainable design, Audubon Lifestyles will issue certification for the site.



Programming Item  Fee
Audubon Lifestyles / ISC Platinum Membership  $250
Audubon Lifestyles will assist in the development of a site specific Sustainability Charter, and submit it to the International Sustainability Council to award the ISC Chartered Member status to the site.  $250

Review required site submittals  - Land & Information

    1.    Site Map & Environmental Information

    2.    Regional Map & Environmental Information

Issue a Sustainable Site Classification for the site.  $250

Review required site submittals - Management & Design Plans:
    1.    Stormwater Management Plan
    2.    Landscape Management Plan

    3.    Master Plan 

Prepare Executive Summary, include native plant list for site, and Issue Certifed Audubon Lifestyles Sustainable Site Designation.  $250
Total Service and Programming Fees:   


We hope that you find that adding Audubon Lifestyles to your sustainable planning efforts to be a truly valuable and worthwhile addition to your development project. 


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$25 Annually $100 Annually $250 Reg / $100 Annually


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