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For Immediate Release: April 29, 2014

Sustainable Golf Services Launched by Ron Dodson

Ron Dodson, who created the Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary and Signature Programs has launched Sustainable Golf Services through his company, The Dodson Group, LLC.RD Speaking

Ronald G. Dodson, President of The Dodson Group, stated that the decision to launch the Sustainable Golf Services was made because “The golf industry is at a crossroads. While much has been accomplished during the past 3 decades concerning golf course planning, design and management regarding environmental quality, the industry, like everyone else, is gripped by economic uncertainty. In many regards, it is past unsustainable business practices that has led us to the present state of the global economy. But in the face of this economically uncertain time, there are opportunities for the golf course industry to build upon its previous environmental improvements and become leaders in the more recent movement connected with sustainability.”

The basic objectives of the service is to help golf facilities reduce the risk of economic failure, broaden the lines of income for golf course businesses, improve golf and club experiences, improve economic and environmental performance and to increase marketing advantages and community relations. Through the service, The Dodson Group will assist golf facility managers, Superintendents, PGA Professionals, Club Managers and others who desire to manage and operate their golf facilities and the business of golf, sustainably. The service is geared toward assisting golf facilities improve the economic viability by helping develop and implement customized sustainability programming within their golf facilities. Dodson said, “There is no one size fits all approach to sustainability. Each golf facility must develop the approaches that best fit the needs associated with their specific property and business as well as the desires of their customers. However, in the past the way most golf facility managers seek potential new customers has limited their potential success. Expanding lines of income can be accomplished by incorporating sustainability principles, concepts, and management strategies specific to each golf facility.”

The Dodson Group believes that a sustainable golf facility is an economically sound business that provides a safe, healthy and enjoyable environment for all employees, members, visitors, neighbors and guests. A sustainable golf facility is sited, designed, and managed in ways that enhance the local community, and reduce or eliminate its impact on natural resources. It is managed in ways that provides balance between optimum playing conditions for golfers, and good stewardship of the natural environment. Management strategies are based upon scientifically sound, site specific best practices that improve the quality of all life on the site, regionally, and beyond. Through outreach and education, a sustainable golf facility is a champion and advocate of sustainability.

The issues faced by the golf industry are wide and varied. Economic conditions are a driving force for the future of the industry. While many factors that drive economic conditions are beyond the scope of an individual, those economic factors nevertheless go hand-in-hand with business and environmental management opportunities that are available and accessible to course management. Dodson, said, “The relationship between economic, environmental and social concerns is not always obvious, but the three issues are nevertheless intimately connected. If properly addressed these issues can provide opportunities, not limitations.”

Dodson believes that the golf industry is at a crossroads. Sustainable golf facilities must focus on the “triple-bottom line” of profit, planet and people. “While we must use natural resources for the benefit of the present generation, we must also be stewards of the environment so that future generations also have the necessary resources to live. This stewardship must also be undertaken with the knowledge that there is a growing population on a global basis. It also means that we absolutely must put economic value on ecological services. “We can no longer act as if clean air and water are free,” according to Dodson.

Dodson believes that now is the time for the golf course industry to embrace the leadership opportunities associated with both insuring a sustainable future for the game of golf, but also for our planet.
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