The Landscape Restoration Handbook

Many features of the Surf Your Region and Surf for Native Plants website are based upon the Landscape Restoration Handbook, a publication of the United States Golf Association (USGA). The Landscape Restoration Handbook is the definitive resource for natural landscaping and ecological restoration planning and implementation.

The Landscape Restoration Handbook explains how to develop a natural landscaping or ecological restoration program, presents a broad-based program for education, regional planning, and increased biological diversity, includes a 22 " x 36 " full-color eco-region map, provides an extensive list of scientific and common plant names associated with ecological communities, and contains a list of nurseries that propagate and sell native plants throughout the United States

The Landscape Restoration Handbook Table of Contents

  1. Naturalizing the Managed Landscape

  2. Greenlinks

  3. Principles for Maintaining and Restoring Natural Diversity

  4. Principles and Practices of Natural Landscaping

  5. Ecological Restoration

  6. Natural Regions of the United States and Their Dominant Ecological Communities

  7. Bibliography

  8. Appendices

  9. Natural Regions and Dominant Ecological Communities

  10. Woody and Herbaceous Plant Matrices

  11. Nursery Sources for Native Plants and Seeds