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Sustainable Golf Facility Program offered at no additional cost to ISC-Audubon Platinum Members

As a mission-driven organization, ISC-Audubon has made it part of their core set of organizational values to be fiscally responsible both to themselves, their members, and society at large. In as such, ISC-Audubon announced today that they have made their Sustainable Golf Facility Program, including all best management practices and standards for certification, publically available and accessible via their website, and offered free of charge to all ISC-Audubon Platinum members.SGFP-GolfFacilitiesCover

The Sustainable Golf Facility Program is a voluntary program that has set the bar for sustainably sited, designed, constructed and managed golf facilities.

“In these difficult economic times businesses are looking for ways to save money any way that they can. Unfortunately, for many golf facilities, a recent trend has shown that they are eliminating some of the environmental initiatives that they have been involved in, in efforts to cut business costs.” stated R. Eric Dodson, Executive Director of ISC-Audubon. He continued, “It is our hope that by making the Sustainable Golf Facility Program a free offering to any ISC-Audubon Platinum Member, that we can reengage golf facilities across the globe to continue striving for environmental excellence.”

ISC-Audubon views public accessibility, review, and transparency as simply one of many things that set The Sustainable Golf Facility Program apart from other certification programs within the golf industry. Because their materials are freely available, and not kept as trade secrets like other existing certification programs, they continually receive feedback from the general public and experts alike on ways to improve upon their materials, programs, and the requirements.

It is ISC-Audubon’s view that any reputable organization or business who offers certification based upon standards should operate in this manner in order to retain credibility through true transparency.
The basic objective of the Sustainable Golf Facility Program is to reduce the consumption of non-renewable resources, minimize waste, create healthy, productive environments, and inform the public, residents, guests, clients and employees about the benefits of sustainably managed golf facilities and to help golf facilities to become more economically viable.

Through participation in the program, ISC-Audubon assists golf facility managers, staff, and planners who desire to manage and operate their golf facilities sustainably. The program is geared toward assisting those seeking to become local, regional, national and international models of sustainability by incorporating sustainable principles, concepts, and management strategies with in their operations.
Once a facility meets all of the requirements of the program ISC-Audubon will designate the facility as a Certified Sustainable Golf Facility. In addition, based upon an evaluation process of a voluntary Sustainability Audit the facility may be awarded between one and five stars, and earn the right to use the International Sustainability Council’s Seal of Sustainability.

A sustainable golf facility is an economically sound business that provides safe, healthy and enjoyable environments for all employees, members, visitors, and guests. A sustainable golf facility is sited, designed, and constructed in ways that enhance the local community, and reduce or eliminate its impact on natural resources. It is managed in ways that provide balance between optimum playing conditions for golfers, and good stewardship of the natural environment. Management strategies are based upon scientifically sound site specific best practices that improve the quality of all life on the site, regionally, and beyond. Through outreach and education a sustainable golf facility is a champion and advocate of sustainability.

Striving for and ultimately achieving Audubon Lifestyles Certification and the Seal of Sustainability from the International Sustainability Council (ISC) means that the golf facility has met the highest standard for excellence within the golf industry. It also indicates that the facility has adopted and put into place recognized Best Management Practices that equal environmental superiority, social responsibility in economically vitality.

These designations are quickly becoming the hallmark of excellence not only regarding the golf facility itself, but in regard to the actual golfing experience, and now they are offered at no additional cost to ISC-Audubon Platinum Members.

Mr. Dodson concluded, “On an increasing rate, golf facilities are not only taking the time to compare the costs associated, but also the credibility of the environmental and sustainability related programs that they choose to participate in it. It is no wonder that the ISC-Audubon Sustainable Golf Facility Program is becoming the preferred Certification for many golf courses across the globe.”

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What is Earth Day?

Earth Day

Earth Day is a day designated to promote awareness and appreciation for the Earth's natural environment. Originally established by U.S. Senator Gaylord Nelson as an environmental teach-in first held on April 22, 1970, Earth Day is now a global event celebrated by more than 192 countries each year.

The first Earth Day in 1970 marked the beginning of the modern environmental movement. Over 20 million Americans participated in the inaugural Earth Day with events and protests against the deterioration of the environment across the country, as well as a one-hour primetime special report about the environment, narrated by Walter Cronkite and with correspondents in dozens of U.S. cities.

As the environmental movement grew, the passage of the Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act, Endangered Species Act and many other groundbreaking environmental laws soon followed.

On April 22, people around the globe will participate in Earth Day 2012. People of all nationalities and backgrounds will join together to voice their appreciation for the planet and demand its protection. Together we will stand united for a sustainable future and call upon individuals, organizations, and governments to do their part.




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