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The Team in Central Franklin, TNSustainability Studies
Based upon the Principles of Sustainability the Audubon Lifestyles team will develop a regionally focused study that will include watershed, ecoregion, soil, demographic, potential vegetation, native plants, and wildlife information useful for developing a comprehensive analysis of a piece of property. 

Site Classifications
Site Classification is based upon ecological criteria proposed by the Society of Conservation Biology, O’Connell and Noss (1992, Env Mgmt 16:435) and modified most recently by the International Sustainability Council. A specific site classification is the metric by which specific design concepts and approaches should be incorporated into the master plan. Any property type’s classification encourages optimal design by balancing the social, economical and environmental needs, resulting in a higher level of sustainability.

Sustainability Analysis
Our team will develop a comprehensive Sustainability Analysis for any property type. The Sustainability Analysis determines areas located on-site that may harbor vegetative, wetland, and other habitat communities worthy of conservation. From a sustainable infrastructure perspective, woodlands, grasslands and wetlands can many times be restored to achieve cost-effective management solutions, leading to cleaner water and healthier environments. A Sustainability Study and Site Classification are necessary to develop a Sustainability Analysis on any property type.

Approved Audubon Lifestyles Designs
An Audubon Lifestyles Design can be used for illustrative purposes in project planning, as well as review with regulatory and governmental agencies. It is also beneficial for other consultants during the planning process to evaluate development objectives, preserve the natural characteristics of the property and create the most beneficial relationship between the development areas, residential, open space, recreation areas, golf facilities, and environmentally sensitive areas, and to establish the design and aesthetic requirements for the project. A Sustainability Analysis is required before issuing an Approved Audubon Lifestyles Design 

Sustainability Chartering
The Audubon Lifestyles Team can assist any business or property type to create a Sustainability Charter. A Sustainability Charter sets out the specific actions that are above and beyond the scope of normal operation that encourage sustainable living and lifestyles, and serves as a public declaration of those actions. The Sustainable Charter process is an affirmation of the International Sustainability Council’s Principles of Sustainability and necessary in order to become a Chartered Member.

Natural Resource Management Plans
The Audubon Lifestyles team can develop a plan for any property type to manage the natural resources and provide a strategic focus for the protection and management of the environment. The guiding principles of natural resource management planning are stewardship, adaptive ecosystem management, compliance, integration with other plans and requirements, and incorporation of community involvement where applicable. The success of natural resource management is ultimately determined by the level of community involvement and the adoption of ecologically sustainable practices for the development.

Outreach and Education Plans
The Audubon Lifestyles team is available to develop an Outreach and Education plan to create learning opportunities for all.   Engaging employees, sales staff, construction workers, community stakeholders, long-term management, residents, guests and property users is vital to the success of any sustainable project’s overall success.  In addition our team is available to provide support on behalf of the project to answer questions, interpret data, and provide information to the community-at-large including local governmental officials and agencies, community not-for-profit groups, elected officials, and citizens.

Community Assessments
The Audubon Lifestyles Team can, through a series of public forums and community charrettes, develop a comprehensive community assessment for any municipality.  A community assessment is an exercise of gathering information regarding public perceptions of current strengths, concerns, and conditions within the community. A community assessment is a broad look at the entire community to learn more about the circumstances that have been identified as crucial to its community vision. The Community Assessment can also determine areas that may harbor vegetative, wetland, and other habitat communities worthy of conservation, as well as opportunities for sustainable growth and development.

Sustainability Vision Plans
A Sustainability Vision Plan is achieved through a process of multiple community workshops reaching residents, elected officials, and other stakeholders. The result is a plan to guide growth for the years to come that enjoys broad support throughout the community.  A Sustainable Vision Plan should include, but is not limited to, health, clean air and water, energy, nutrition, and economic solutions. The importance of community involvement, education and attitude changes obtained during the vision planning process should never be underestimated. A Community Assessment is required to develop a Sustainability Vision Plan.

Implementation Plans
The Audubon Lifestyles team can assist any municipality to develop an Implementation Plan through collaborative effort with community stakeholders, government officials and the community-at-large.  An Implementation Plans sets out specific long term actions and a plan for implementing them for the years ahead.  The success of an implementation plan is ultimately determined by the level of community involvement, the adoption of ecologically sustainable practices, and a commitment to incorporate the Principles of Sustainability into all aspects of a community for generations to come.

Organized Charrettes
Audubon Lifestyles is available to organize charrettes and encourage participation on behalf of any development, business, municipality, or greenway projects looking for assistance with sustainable planning efforts. Ultimately, the purpose of a charrette is to give all the participants enough information to make good decisions during the planning process.  A charrette is an intensive planning session where citizens, designers and others collaborate on a vision for sustainability. It provides a forum for ideas and offers the unique advantage of giving immediate. Through brainstorming and design activity, many goals are accomplished during the charrette.  Since the input of all the players is gathered at one event, it is possible to avoid the prolonged discussions that typically delay conventional planning projects, and the finished result is produced more efficiently and cost-effectively because the process is collaborative. More importantly, it allows everyone who participates to be a mutual author of the plan.

Workshops, Presentations & Sustainability Coaching
Our sustainability education and coaching workshops are aimed giving people a much clearer understanding of what sustainability is, and motivating them to take actions that demonstrate that support. Whether the need is to engage employees or the general public in the development of sustainability policies, or helping community stakeholders understand and accept sustainable practices being planned, the Audubon Lifestyles team is available to provide workshops, presentations or sustainability coaching at any level. We will visit any business, development, community, or municipality in order to provide a greater understanding of what sustainability is and provide insight, one-on-one guidance, assistance, and share examples of success stories from around the world. 

Certification Assistance
We are experienced and well positioned to assist in the certification in a number of certification programs. Our certification services assist land owners, developers, governments, builders, architects and planners in numerous aspects. From project planning to construction to long-term management, we provide assistance and guidance throughout any certification process. Certification programs include the, Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary Programs, Audubon Signature Programs, Florida Green Building Coalition Program for Green Homes, and the USGBC LEED programs.



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