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Perfect Blend Organics Joins Audubon Lifestyles and the ISC as a Platinum Member

Perfect Blend’s support and membership allows Audubon Lifestyles and the ISC to expand their efforts to promote sustainability on a global scale. By joining as a Platinum Member, Perfect Blend Organics has joined the growing network of businesses, municipalities, nonprofits and others that are actively showing their support of AuduPerfect Blend Organicsbon Lifestyles and the ISC. Audubon Lifestyles Platinum Membership was created to help foster sustainability by working with and providing educational resources to individuals, businesses, organizations, universities, government entities, municipalities, communities, neighborhoods and virtually anyone seeking assistance to balance the triple bottom line of people, profit and planet where they live, work and play.

R. Eric Dodson, CEO of Audubon Lifestyles said, “We are very excited to welcome Perfect Blend Organics into the Audubon Lifestyles family. Perfect Blend Organics has shown that they are willing to become a global leader and advocate of sustainable causes by becoming a Platinum Member, and are leading by example. Their commitment and efforts in promoting sustainability on a global scale should be commended.”

Perfect Blend Organics ( are scientifically formulated and manufactured using a proprietary, patented process that renders the fertilizer into a naturally slow-release nutrient. Perfect Blend uses a unique process that alters the molecular structure of the organic base, turning it into a highly efficient builder of fulvic and humic acids in the soil.

Perfect Blend fertilizers are widely recognized as the most advanced organic and organic-based fertilizers manufactured in the world today. The high-grade, advanced technology fertilizers are used by homeowners and in turf and agriculture. Perfect Blend fertilizers are designed to work as biological nutrition sources for soil micro-organisms, providing turf, plants and trees with a source of steady, long-term nutrition. Perfect Blend applications are usually required only two or three times a year at moderate rates. Perfect Blend will not leach into water features or creeks. It will actually restore damaged or low-performance turf areas and will supply plant material nutrients year-round. Perfect Blend provides the following analysis: Biotic Organic 4-4-4, Biotic 8-4-5, Biotic Calcium 2.5-2.5-1.5 and Biotic 16-3-7 w/ UFlexx.

“We are excited to join with Audubon Lifestyles and the International Sustainability Council as a Platinum Member,” said Todd Morris of Perfect Blend Organics. “We are committed to promoting the principles of sustainability and seek to encourage commercial and municipal landscape managers to take specific sustainable actions on the ground.”

Audubon Lifestyles Platinum Membership provides Perfect Blend Organics with a vast pool of resources to assist with their sustainability efforts, and also allows for participation in any Audubon Lifestyles Program where Perfect Blend can work toward certification.

In addition, Perfect Blend Organics has earned the right to use the Audubon Lifestyles/ISC Platinum Member Logo on their materials, and will be listed on the Audubon Network for Sustainability as a Platinum Member. Platinum membership is the first step in gaining the Chartered ISC Member Designation, and earning additional recognition from the International Sustainability Council as a sustainable business.

About Perfect Blend Organics
Perfect Blend, LLC is a Washington based manufacturer of complete, balanced soil-building Biotic Fertilizers for Certified Organic and conventional non-organic operations, and is the world leader in research and development of organic soil fertility. All Perfect Blend Biotic Fertilizers are organic-based and enhanced with micro-nutrients for complete, balanced fertility. Perfect Blend products are ideal for all Farm, Turf, Yard, & Garden use. All of the Perfect Blend Organics products are formulated to feed and multiply soil microbes as well as the crops. As such, Perfect Blend is truly a soil-building program, enhancing the process to natural, sustainable fertility and healthy soils.

Contact: Todd Morris
Phone: 817.781.1600
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
188 106th Ave NE, Suite 401
Bellevue, WA 98004

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The US Department of Energy halts sales of Inefficient Heat Pumps and Air Conditioners

HVACThe US Department of Energy (DOE) has ordered three manufacturers to stop distributing 61 models of heat pumps and one air conditioner model that do not comply with federal energy conservation standards. On June 3, DOE ordered Aspen Manufacturing, Inc.; Summit Manufacturing; and Advanced Distributor Products to halt the distribution of the noncompliant models and to notify all previous buyers of the noncompliant models. If the companies fail to respond or to notify their customers, DOE will seek a judicial order to prevent the sale of the noncompliant models.

Under federal law, manufacturers of certain products covered by the Energy Policy and Conservation Act must certify with DOE that their models meet the applicable minimum energy conservation standards. Based on certification information submitted to DOE, the agency discovered that Aspen Manufacturing had certified 58 heat pumps models and one air conditioner model that failed to meet federal energy efficiency standards by up to 7%. DOE also found one heat pump model manufactured by Summit Manufacturing that failed the energy use standards by about 16%, as well as two heat pump models manufactured by Advanced Distributor Products that missed the standard by 1%-2%. See the DOE press release and the Web site for DOE's Appliances and Commercial Equipment Standards Program.



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