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Colonial Acres Neighborhood Certified!

(Glenmont, New York) –  ISC-Audubon a national sustainability education and advocacy organization announced today that the Colonial Acres CA Neighborhood PhotoNeighborhood in Glenmont, NY has been granted certification as an ISC-Audubon Certified Neighborhood in the Bird & Wildlife Sanctuary category.

Ronald G. Dodson, Chair of ISC-Audubon said, “We are proud that the Colonial Acres Home Owners Association has chosen to become an ISC-Audubon Platinum Member and to pursue certification for the neighborhood. This marks the first ISC-Audubon Certified Neighborhood in New York State.”

The Neighborhood Certification requirements revolve around 10 components that must be put into place and documented to ISC-Audubon’s satisfaction. Those categories are:

1. Food Sources for Birds and Wildlife

2. Year Round Fresh Water Sources

3. Nesting and Shelter Opportunities

4. Safety for Birds and Wildlife

5. Habitat Areas for Birds and Wildlife

6. Removal of Invasive and Noxious Plant Species

7. Keep Property Free of Litter

8. Manage Onsite Water Features Responsibly

9. Provide Amenities for Residents, Staff, Guests, and Visitors

10. Provide Outreach and Education Opportunities

Joe Benoit, President of the Colonial Acres HOA said, “The achievement of the ISC Audubon Certification was one of our top goals for 2014.  The process allowed us to organize and document several of our best practices with the homeowners and have a more formal plan for 2015.  We feel this certification documentation and process highlights our strengths: mature and diverse trees and plant growth based on being a 50 years + community; wild areas both within the community as well based on bordering ravines, farmland, right of way and golf course; which creates a positive environment for birds and wildlife; environmentally sensitive and aware community members (as documented by a neighborhood survey); and a single entrance to help control traffic volume and speed.  We appreciate the support we have received from Ron Dodson, ISC Audubon, and others who help us focus in this area.  We feel that we can help other neighborhoods that have similar goals and we look forward to learning other best practices as well. This effort is an ongoing process and not just a one-time event.”

The Colonial Acres neighborhood has also been recognized for its unique community planning and environmental landscaping; architectural design of Early American style residential structures; and for historical replication, preservation, and beauty.

The HOA supports the community, common areas and the community pool.  The neighborhood is adjacent to a 9 hole, par three Audubon Certified Golf Course where the HOA is teaming with Golf Course managers on several nature based activities such as the development of the nature-fit trail.

SustainAbility Newsletter Archive Article (random)

Ron Dodson receives the 2009 ASGCAs Donald Ross Award

Ron DodsonRon Dodson, Sustainability Advisor for Audubon Lifestyles, and president of the International Sustainability Council was chosen to receive the 2009 Donald Ross Award  during the 63nd ASGCA Annual Meeting in Seattle, Washington.

Dodson serves on numerous environmentally-focused committees. He is a prolific writer, and a frequent presenter to state and federal agencies on the topics of water quality, ecological studies, restoration planning, and community planning.

The entire Audubon Lifestyles team would like to congratulate Ron on this tremendous achievement.

Mr. Dodson made an eloquent case for golf to embrace sustainable design during his Ross Award acceptance speech at the American Society of Golf Course Architects (ASGCA) 63rd Annual Meeting in Seattle, Washington.  “Golf is among the best forms of sustainable development,” said Dodson. “Sustainable projects need to be as profitable as possible so that they are economically viable. Add to that environmentally sensible and socially positive and you have a very good definition of sustainability. Well-designed and well-maintained golf courses fit that definition.”

Also included in the sustainability definition is the responsible stewardship of water. Dodson said that golf should be promoted as part of the infrastructure of the watershed and that when water supplies become even more restrictive that golf courses will “stand out like a sore thumb.” He encouraged golf to be more proactive in positioning itself as the good steward it is so that it can get its fair share of water.  “Golf can be a catalyst for sustainable communities,” Dodson explained. “I think golf course architects have a great opportunity to further the golf industry as courses seek ways to become more sustainable. When the focus of golf is beyond the game and people understand the ways it can positively impact the environment and economy, it will help the game with the challenges it is currently facing.”

The Donald Ross Award is given annually by ASGCA to a person who has positively influenced the game of golf and golf course architecture. Dodson is the 34th recipient of the award, which was given for the first time in 1976 to Robert Trent Jones.

ASGCA Background
Founded in 1946 by 14 leading architects, the American Society of Golf Course Architects is a non-profit organization comprised of experienced golf course designers located throughout the United States and Canada. Members have completed a rigorous two-year long application process that includes the peer review of four representative golf courses. ASGCA members are experienced golf course architects, able to counsel in all aspects of golf course design and remodeling.

Sidebar: Donald Ross Award Recipients

 2009 Ron Dodson  Sustainable Golf Advocate
 2008 George Peper  Golf Writer and Publisher
 2007 Dr. Michael Hurdzan  Golf Course Architect ASGCA
 2006 Jim Awtrey CEO  PGA of America
 2005 John Singleton  Irrigation Pioneer
 2004 Thomas Cousins Philanthropist  Urban Golf Developer
 2003 Bill Campbell  President, USGA, Captain, Royal & Ancient Golf Club
 2002 Byron Nelson  Professional Golfer
 2001 Jack Nicklaus  ASGCA Professional Golfer, Golf Course Architect
 2000 Jaime Ortiz-Patiño  Owner, President, Valderrama Golf Club
 1999 Arnold Palmer  ASGCA Professional Golfer Fellow
 1998 Judy Bell  President, USGA
 1997 Gene Sarazen  Professional Golfer
 1996 Ron Whitten  Golf Writer
 1995 Pete Dye  ASGCA Fellow Golf Course Architect
 1994 James R. Watson  Agronomist
 1993 Brent Wadsworth  Golf Course Builder
 1992 Paul Fullmer  ASGCA Executive Secretary
 1991 Michael Bonallack  Secretary, Royal and Ancient (St. Andrews)
 1990 John Zoller  Former Executive Director, No. California Golf Association
 1989 Dick Taylor  Editor, Golf World Magazine
 1988 Frank Hannigan  USGA Executive Director
 1987 Charles Price  Golf Writer, Author
 1986 Deane Beman  PGA Tour Commissioner
 1985 Peter Dobereiner  London Observer Columnist, Author
 1984 Dinah Shore  Sponsor of Women's Golf Tournaments
 1983 Al Radko Former  Director, USGA Green Section
 1982 Geoffrey Cornish  ASGCA Golf Course Architect, Historian Fellow
 1981 James Rhodes  Governor of Ohio
 1980 Gerald Micklem  Former Captain, Royal and Ancient
 1979 Joe Dey  Former Executive Director of the USGA
 1978 Herb and Joe Graffis  Founders, National Golf Foundation
 1977 Herbert Warren Wind  Golf Digest Columnist, Author
 1976 Robert Trent Jones  ASGCA Founding Member of ASGCA

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