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Our schools, communities, social agencies, corporations, and governments need women and men committed to serving our society’s most critical needs in education, business, the environment, and human services. The world needs people who want to be agents of change.

Be Part of the Solution

Doing good is not good enough. Our society’s complex challenges require people with exceptional preparation, knowledge, leadership skills, deep-seated insight, skill in motivating others, creativity, imagination, and the ability to analyze problems and find effective solutions.

This is exactly why students choose to come to Antioch University New England.

Graduate students work as colleagues with nationally esteemed faculty.

Our master’s, doctoral, and certificate programs are regarded as among the best in the nation and have become models at many other graduate schools.

Practice-oriented, affordable programs provide invaluable internships, practica, and myriad opportunities for students advancing their professions or starting new careers.

Put Your Ideals to Work

Antioch University New England has a grand vision: empowering people who know that one person can make a difference.

We Are All Busy

Full time, part-time, hybrid, or online, Antioch University New England’s programs respond to the unique needs of busy people. Depending upon the program, classes are offered on particular weekdays, monthly on weekends, or online. And our Keene, New Hampshire, campus is an easy drive from locations throughout the Northeast.

Where Metro Meets Mountains

In New Hampshire’s Monadnock Region, on the Vermont and Massachusetts borders, mountain vistas and rural landscapes wrap around Keene’s urban hub, a harmony of natural beauty and modern comforts.

The World is Waiting

Let Antioch University New England help you prepare for the challenges ahead. If you believe doing well and doing good are inseparable goals, we are the right choice for you. The world is waiting for you.

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Homebuyers Willing to Pay More for a Green Home Now. But Why?

energy-efficient-homeAccording to McGraw-Hill Construction, the share of single-family home construction that are green has risen from 8% in 2008 to 17% in 2011. 

Clearly, the market for green homes is on the rise, but is it because individuals have started to care more about the environment?  Or is because the economy isn’t quite as bad as it was in 2007, and are individuals more willing to invest in environmental efforts once again as they did at the turn of the century?

Many homebuilders and developers are using "green" as a differentiator in marketing and sales campaigns, and eventually expect that green features will be the norm, rather than an optional feature.

The main two questions often asked are; who are these green buyers, and are these individuals more willing to pay more for a green home and/or green features.

To answer these questions, we must first understand and determine who exactly are this new "green buyers" that have emerged in recent years. Are these individuals who are interested in buying a green home to help the environment? Are these individual who have more income, and/or have landed more stable employment in recent years?

The answer may surprise you, because by and large the answer is "no".  The average green homebuyers are individuals who are willing to pay more upfront if there is a direct and quantifiable return on investment from an energy and/or water efficiency benefit, or from a health perspective. 

The results of a 2007 survey showed an overwhelming majority of owners (95%) indicated that they would be willing to pay more for a green home if it would help the environment, they would be paid back for their green investment, or they would get health benefits. However, 80% of those willing to pay more would do so only for cost savings and/or health benefits.

Clearly, for most green buyers, helping the environment was a bonus, but not a driving factor in spending additional money. The number of homebuyers who would buy a green home because it was the right thing to do or because it directly helped the environment was a rather small percentage. Focusing on cost savings and health benefits to market green homes and features, as opposed to focusing on their environmental attributes appears to be the best way for homebuilders to encourage individuals to purchase a new green home. 

In a more recent 2012 survey the results are even more surprising. The percentage of all homeowners willing to pay more for a "green home" explicitly for environmental reasons lowered from 17% in 2007, to 13% in 2012. However, the percentage of owners that would consider buying a "green home" actual rose during that same time period.

So what does that mean? It’s pretty obvious isn’t it? The average homebuyer is realizing the economical benefits of being environmentally responsible, and it is the economic benefits that are driving the green home market, and motivating the green homebuyer.  

So, homebuilders who wish to using "green" as a differentiator in their marketing and sales campaigns must realize that it’s not the “environment” per se that will drive sales for them. They must highlight what they are already doing that saves money and/or is good for buyers' health.  In selecting any green features to add to the current standard features and available options, homebuilders should focus on those that pay back any added cost in a reasonable time period.  

Keep in mind however that taking credit for helping the environment won’t hurt sales as long as it's clear that it's not going to cost the buyer additional money without any return in investment. In fact, if a homebuyer can save money and help the environment research shows that they are more willing to support those types of initiatives. 





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