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The Bethlehem Children’s School Joins ISC-Audubon Sustainability Campaign

(Slingerlands, NY) – Ron Dodson, Chair of ISC-Audubon announced today that The Bethlehem Children’s School (BCS) in BCS LogoSlingerlands, NY, is the latest organization to become an ISC-Audubon Platinum Member and will become engaged in their Capital Region Sustainability Campaign. Dodson said, “The Bethlehem Children’s School has been in business for 20 years and during that time has been focused on offering outstanding education for their students. One of the cornerstones of their curriculum development is helping students understand the importance of environmental sustainability. We are not only proud that BCS has joined us, but we are excited to learn from school administrators, teachers and students and to share what we learn with others in the Capital Region and beyond.”

The first steps forward for BCS will be to conduct a sustainability assessment of the buildings and grounds and from there they plan to work toward the development of an Audubon Certified Bird & Wildlife Sanctuary outdoor classroom area around the BCS buildings. In collaboration with these efforts will be the development of a campus Permaculture based around forest, forage and farming.

Paul Doyle, The Bethlehem Children’s School’s “Science Sherpa” said, “We are thrilled to be working with ISC-Audubon and Mr. Dodson. They bring a world of experience to our sustainability vision. It does not take much research to understand that sustainability has challenged mankind for centuries, and with a world population approaching 10 billion, it is time to start addressing these issues holistically. ISC-Audubon has the experience and know how to take us to the next level, not just as a school, but as a community. Our goal will be to take what we learn and share it with other schools and other communities. The next few generation will face problems more complex than ever before and they are going to need as many tools as possible to deal with these issues. Fortunately, the ability of the human mind to be creative leads to amazing results. Our job is to get students started on the analytical thinking they will need to solve the problems they face now as well as the ones they will face over the next few centuries.”

About ISC-Audubon: A 501-C-3, not-for-profit sustainability education and advocacy organization, based in the Tampa, Florida area, with a New York State Field Office in the Albany, New York area.

About the Bethlehem Children’s School: The Bethlehem Children’s School is an independent private school for students pre-k through 8th grade. As much as possible, our science learning occurs outside where the mind is free to learn and explore. In 2013-2014, The Bethlehem Children’s School embarked on a long term Permaculture sustainability project. This process involves defining and implementing a sustainability plan while developing a model that other schools and communities can use to develop similar plans.

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The Sustainability Campaign

Sustainable GlobeAudubon Lifestyles and the International Sustainability Council is partnering on a project called The Sustainability Campaign.  In essence the Campaign is aimed at creating awareness about the complex issues of sustainability, while forging partnerships with Universities, Government Agencies, Businesses and Not-for-Profit organizations for the purpose of taking immediate action in regard to how we all manage ourselves within each of our personal and professional lives.

As we have said quite often, “We cannot wish ourselves to a sustainable future.  We must work ourselves to a sustainable future, one person and one place at a time.”  We cannot let ourselves become overwhelmed with the magnitude of the issues we are facing.  This will lead us to giving up and not taking any actions.  Everyone can do something, and if we all did those small things that may seem inconsequential the collective results can be huge and very meaningful.

The SustainAbility Newsletter is one communication vehicle that we have created to continue to spread the message about sustainability.  We will include what might seem like simple examples of plain old conservation techniques.  But, these plain old conservation techniques are the foundation blocks of sustainability.

The products that you choose to purchase make a difference.  The way you manage your business makes a difference.  The present sorry state of our economy is showing results of past unsustainable practices.  It is past time for a change!  We must change our ways and we must focus on sustainable economic, environmental and social practices.

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