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audubon network for sustainability isc logo - middleThere are thousands of Audubon related societies, organizations, sanctuaries, centers, and businesses around the globe.  These organizations and businesses are independent from one another, and separately incorporated. Each is free to set their own path within the Audubon Movement. The Audubon Network for Sustainability is a web based directory of these local, national or international Audubon societies, organizations, sanctuaries, centers, and businesses. It also includes businesses, individuals, and others who have received accreditation by participating in an environmental or sustainability themed education program - many of which may be administered by another Audubon organization.   To read and learn more about the specific entries listed in the Audubon Netowrk for Sustainability click here

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Housing Partnership, Inc.

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    Fred Dodson

    The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Housing Partnership, Inc. (The Housing Partnership) started with the seed of an idea and a selfless group of people appointed to a Charlotte city-wide task force in 1986. Incorporated in 1988, The Housing Partnership is now a broad-based, private, nonprofit housing development and finance corporation organized to expand affordable and well-maintained housing within stable neighborhoods for low- and moderate-income families in the City of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County with a continuing interest in the ability of occupants to more fully enter the economic mainstream.

    The Housing Partnership's Board of Directors represents a cross-section of the community committed to developing affordable housing opportunities. Public partners are city and county governments, and federal and state agencies. Private partners are financial institutions, developers, professionals, businesses and investors. Community partners are civic and religious groups, local nonprofit organizations and neighborhood residents.

    The Housing Partnership provides a comprehensive range of affordable housing services focused on revitalization, education, and development. Education and Development are often tools that assist in the successful revitalization of inner-city neighborhoods as well as function as stand alone options.

    Revitalization: The Housing Partnership has led the revitalization of several inner-city neighborhoods: Greenville, where 105 new homes were constructed or rehabilitated and sold; Genesis Park, where more than 100 new homeowners purchased; and Seversville, where 57 homes were constructed and built or rehabilitated and 47 apartments are managed. Recent activities include working with the Charlotte Housing Authority, the Crosland Group and Saussy Burbank Homes in the re-development of the Park at Oaklawn (initiated by Hope VI funding) where 178 rental units, 71 for-sale units, 83 senior apartments, and a 30,000+ square foot community center have been constructed.

    The Housing Partnership is currently implementing the Greater Statesville Avenue Corridor Plan, which it co-developed with the City of Charlotte (approved by Council 2001). Implementation activities have included the acquisition of all properties in the notorious crime-ridden Kohler Avenue cul-de-sac, as well as throughout the corridor area; the renovation of 47 rental units on Rachel, Franklin and Olando Avenues; and working with Parks & Recreation to acquire land for a neighborhood park. A great achievement was The Gables at Druid Hills - a 63-unit senior project that opened in August 2003. The largest project currently in process is Double Oaks. The Housing Partnership closed on the property September 2007 to create a 98-acre tract for redevelopment inside the Statesville Avenue Corridor. A ten-year master planned has been developed to guide the project.

    Education: The Housing Partnership is designated as a NeighborWorks® HomeOwnership Center by NeighborWorks® America. Potential homeowners are prepared for mortgage qualification. Homeownership Advisors assess participants for mortgage readiness and pre-qualify them against established underwriting guidelines through individual budgeting, home ownership advice and classroom training.

    The Homeownership Center assists customers with finding the perfect home loan to fit their budget. Through its financial partners, The Housing Partnership is able to make mortgages at rates lower than conventional mortgages using relaxed underwriting guidelines and by combining first, second and sometimes third mortgages. Through other special programs, The Housing Partnership is also able to originate loans on behalf of its financial partners thus allowing its customers additional mortgage product options. Banking partners also fund a delinquency prevention program designed to maintain a relationship with each customer to avoid foreclosure and home maintenance issues.

    The Homeownership Center has created more than 1,200 homeowners and educated more than 11,000 families. The counseling program began in 1993.

    Development: In 1999, The Housing Partnership developed a new, single-family subdivision - Cardinal Glen. The neighborhood, located in the Derita community in Northwest Charlotte, is home to 71 new houses and families. The Housing Partnership has also renovated and sold more than 100 units of housing in other neighborhoods throughout Mecklenburg County.

    The Housing Partnership provides affordable rental housing opportunities throughout Charlotte. Under several subsidiaries, The Housing Partnership owns and/or manages nearly 1,100 affordable rental units. Projects include: Anita Stroud, Belmont Springs, Brighton Place, Cheshire Chase, Druid Commons, Grant Station, Pleasant View, Rivermere, Seversville, Shelton Knoll, The Gables at Druid Hills, Tyvola Crossing, Village of Rosedale and West Downs. South Oak Crossing offers the first new affordable rental development on Charlotte’s light rail line. Under construction, Live Oak will provide senior housing opportunities in South Park. Additionally, The Housing Partnership has expanded affordable rental housing by investing in over 856 rental units developed by other nonprofit and for-profit providers.

    The Housing Partnership strives to build a sense of community at its apartment sites and in its neighborhoods. The Housing Partnership works to strengthen and empower resident organizations so that strong communities are able to successfully manage neighborhood issues and concerns.

    4601 Charlotte Park Drive, Suite 350, Charlotte, NC 28217
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