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Sustainable GolfSpecializing in innovative design solutions to environmentally sensitive site constraints and design issues, an Audubon Lifestyles Golf Design incorporates resource conservation, sustainability and environmental stewardship within the objectives of each project. We have been involved in golf course projects that have included all types of environmental conditions and considerations including: wetlands, endangered species, degraded sites, landfills, reclamation, and cultural and historic areas.

Through our exclusive partnership with Sustainable Golf & Development Inc. we have the capability to provide a comprehensive hands on approach to golf course design beginning with a thorough understanding of the vision, project objectives, and the site. The process involves working closely with every client and applying our broad range of expertise’s to produce the most innovative solutions that mitigate constraints, work within budget and schedule, and result in designing the highest quality golf courses.

Sustainable Golf & Development, Inc. was established to build on the reputations and experiences of Bill Love, founder of W.R. Love Golf Course Architecture and Ron Dodson, founder of Audubon International and the creator of the Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary Program for Golf Courses, and the Audubon International Signature Programs. Learn more about Sustainable Golf and Development by visiting their website at:

Our philosophy and design process is based on years of experience and the recognition that every piece of property has inherent characteristics or special challenges. We fully appreciate that the development of each golf course presents us with a very unique opportunity to meet those challenges and that the identification, enhancement and incorporation of a property’s best characteristics is fundamental to producing an outstanding golf experience.

By performing a thorough site analysis of a proposed property, we are able to achieve the most innovative designs that are compatible with existing conditions and determine the most distinctive individual holes that will present players of all skill levels with multiple strategies, an engaging sense of drama and an exacting, yet thoroughly enjoyable test of golf. At the same time, we design with the traditional values of the game to give each course a timeless quality. It is our belief that a golf course can be designed to provide the best quality golf experience and yet be constructed, as well as maintained for a reasonable cost in order to provide a facility that will be highly competitive.

Our environmentally sensitive approach to golf course design establishes a compatible relationship between the golf course and the ecological systems of a particular site. Whether the site is a new or an existing golf course, a fundamental goal is to provide resource conservation, as well as habitat enhancement and water quality protection. Our design process emphasizes laying the golf course lightly on the land in order to minimize disturbance to a site. Through our understanding of the property characteristics, we can incorporate features of the golf course seamlessly with existing conditions in a manner that is aesthetically compatible with surroundings and allow for maintenance practices that are both cost effective and environmentally responsible. We are dedicated to providing imaginative design solutions, based on sound strategy and a sense of drama, to create golf courses that are environmentally sound and aesthetically pleasing.

As a added benefit, every Audubon Lifestyles Golf Design project is enrolled as a participant of the Sustainable Golf  Program, and will become eligible to receive all of the designations and benefits of that program. 

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